In Search Of The Best Treatment For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a disease that’s termed incurable even in developed countries like USA. This skin disease starts as a coin shaped lesion over the skin, which then itch, reddens, gets inflamed and covered with scaly patches. This condition is characterize by the excessive multiplication of skin cells which results in theĀ  formation of scales. The disease is said to be autoimmune in nature, meaning body’s own immune cells attacks it’s own cells and tissues, thus the good skin cells are attacked thereby resulting in excessive multiplication of skin cells.

What modern medical doctors do when they encounter this condition is – prescribe medications which control the excessive skin growth. These medications may come in various forms such as topical medications which are applied over the skin, UV light treatment over affected areas, oral medications etc. These treatment as said earlier only control the skin growth. Also most of these medications causes the condition to aggravate once the treatment is stopped. So the negative sides must be considered before undergoing treatment for psoriasis.

Now when we think about what to go for to treat psoriasis safely, the first thing that comes to our mind are natural treatment methods. In India, the natural medical systems like siddha and ayurveda are very safe as well as effective for treating psoriasis. Siddha system of medicine is believed to be the oldest medical system originated even before ayurveda. This medical system seem to be having answers for diseases like psoriasis.

Dr.Stanley Jones who is a graduate medical practitioner in siddha medicine has been treating psoriasis patients effectively since the last two to three decades. He is one of the best doctor to consult, when it comes to a disease like psoriasis. Not only is he a siddha practitioner, his contribution to this medical system is also immense. This video about Dr.Stanley Jones reveals some of his contributions for siddha medicine.

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